General Health Articles

Find out how you can make your home healthier
July 2, 2008
Home improvement can take more than a hammer and nails. The American Lung Association of Washington offers home environmental assessments to help residents learn how to make their homes healthier.
World of information – and feeling – lost when vision goes
If someone you know has vision loss, chances are the world looks distorted, blurry or disjointed to them.
Men and women have special health needs as they age
As men and women age, they face special concerns when it comes to gender-related health problems. Understanding these specific issues - and being open about discussing them with your physician - can prevent disease and extend the lives of older adults.
Coping with hearing loss as we age
Everyone seems to be mumbling. Noises run together. You get frustrated at social gatherings because you can't understand much of what's being said. So you stay home, avoiding people, rather than face the embarrassment of being hard of hearing. The Healthy Aging Partnership has some tips for dealing with hearing loss.
Dry mouth can cause major problems for older adults
It’s a problem that can kill your appetite, crimp your social life, even cause cavities, but it's not talked about much - perhaps because its sufferers also find it hard to speak. The problem is dry mouth, an all too common condition among older adults that can result in rampant tooth decay if gone unchecked.
Oral health tips for seniors
Health providers across the nation are developing a new appreciation for what may be the most neglected body part: the mouth. For many seniors, that attention won't come soon enough.
Keep warm this winter while saving money on heating bills
Winter is here, and as the temperature drops it is important for older adults living on a fixed income to know where to turn for help.
Age safely by being cautious with medicines
If you feel like you're taking more medicines as you get older, you're not alone. Although individuals over the age of 65 represent 13 percent of the U.S. population, they take 32 percent of the drugs prescribed by health care providers. And while medicines are powerful in the battle against disease, they must be used carefully to assure a positive and safe benefit.
Foot care can improve quality of life, forecast other conditions
Independence and mobility are major contributors to a satisfying life as we age, but foot ailments can make it difficult if not impossible for older adults to work or participate in daily activities that help keep them active and healthy.
Air pollution is more than just an outdoor problem
We often hear startling reports about the dirty air we breathe in our cities. But air pollution can be an even bigger threat in a place where you'd least expect it - your own home.
Seniors can prepare now to stay healthy this winter
For the thousands of seniors living in the Northwest, winter may pose a number of risks. Reports have shown much higher incidences of injury and illness due to icy sidewalks, cold and dry air, flu viruses and in many cases, hypothermia.
Plan ahead to get the most out of doctor visits
When an illness or check-up requires a visit to the doctor, most people give little thought to the appointment until they arrive at the clinic. Planning ahead, however, can help you live a healthier life by getting the most out of each visit.