Physical Fitness Articles

Get motivated to get moving
Everyone knows that regular physical activity helps older adults feel better, live longer and enjoy life more. Still, it's hard for many seniors to find the motivation to exercise.
It's never too late to get physically fit
The weather's getting warmer, those pants are fitting a little tighter, and the blood pressure gauge keeps rising higher at every check-up. Maybe now is the time to stop talking about getting some exercise and really do it.
Take it slow, make it fun if you want fitness resolution to stick
New Year's resolutions are a dime a dozen. Many folks, including lots of well-intentioned older adults, start exercising with great gusto only to get bored, strain a muscle and quit as their resolve dissolves. HAP says the key to beginning a fitness regimen is to choose enjoyable activities you can do regularly, and then gradually step it up and mix it up.
Moderate physical activity brings big health rewards
Say the word "exercise" and many of us picture long, hard workout routines in sweaty gymnasiums. But recent health studies have shown that physical activity doesn't need to be strenuous to be good for us.