Safety Articles

Too cool for driving school?
July 2, 2008
Some motorists have never looked back since they first got their license at age 16, but participation in refresher courses like the AARP Driver Safety Program shows that even the most experienced drivers can benefit.
Adult abuse: How to spot it and prevent it
HAP and other organizations focus special attention on the problem of elder abuse during Adult Abuse Prevention Month. Learn how to be on the lookout for signs of possible abuse and neglect among older adults.
Seniors can take precautions to avoid becoming burglary victims
The Seattle Police Department has reported many robberies this past year, involving elderly Asian women. Some police officers have even spent time teaching older adults how to protect themselves on the streets.
Watch out for Medicare fraud, abuse and waste
Health care fraud and abuse contribute significantly to rising health care costs, putting a burden not only on Medicare beneficiaries but on all consumers. Older adults can help contain costs by trusting their instincts and learning how to detect fraud.
When it’s no longer safe to drive
In our fast-paced, mobile world, many older adults find it hard to give up their cars even if they literally can't see the signs that they should.
Live safely in your own home
As people age, they prefer to continue living independently in their own homes. Balancing this desire with the everyday difficulties of growing older can often be challenging.